Take it with you

Every feature on every device

Use Front Desk from any smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep giving your clients great service.


Schedule classes and workshops and book appointments with clients anytime, anywhere.



Sign clients into class, update the class roster, and verify class counts.


Client Management

Review and update client profiles—history, photos, notes, schedules—directly from your mobile device.


Billing Alerts

Front Desk notifies you of billing and contract issues so you can address them before they become costly.


Mobile Notifications

Send bulletins, updates, offers, and notifications directly to your clients’ devices wherever they are.


Online waivers and documents

Save time and money with waivers and contracts that your clients can sign online before coming to class.


Real-time Reporting & Analytics

See at a glance how sales, revenue, conversion, and retention rates are doing.


Online Registration

Let clients manage their accounts and their appointment, class, and event registration on their smartphones.


Mobile Payments

Accept secure payments from clients using a variety of payment methods including credit card and PayPal.


Client self-service

Let clients review their attendance records, receipts, and purchase histories. Members can update personal info from their mobile devices.


iPhone and iPad apps included

More mobility. More capability. No more cost.


Front Desk Staff app for iPhone and iPad

All the features of web-based Front Desk and take payments with a mobile swiper. Manage your schedule, track client attendance, run staff payroll, and get reports in real time, too.


Front Desk Client Kiosk for iPad

Sign new clients up and sign current clients in—all in one app. Clients create an account easily and register for services right away. All clients sign in for services faster.



Pricing that scales with your business

Just one price

No price tiers. No tough decisions. One price for all.

Reward your growth

Pricing fits your business at every stage. It rewards you with lower rates as revenue grows.

See estimate for monthly revenue of:

See estimate for monthly revenue of:

$ @ 1 %

$ 45 / month (minimum)

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for enterprise pricing.

1% on first $10,000 / month

$2 per $1,000 over $10,000

  • No hidden fees
  • Low merchant processing rates
  • No contracts—cancel anytime
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